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Konica Hexanon Lens On FourThirds Mount

Henrik Lewander

Category: Hardware, Language: E, cover: HC, pages: 0, year: 2007.

Konica Hexanon Lens On FourThirds Mount

(This article was previously published at Henrik Lewander's Brain Picks - http://blog.lewander.com/2007/07/konica-hexonon-lens-on-fourthirds-mount.html (August 03, 2007). Since this link is defunct, its content is republished here on IBS with the kind authorization of the author.)

How to convert a Konica Hexanon AR 40mm F1.8 lens to FourThirds mount (Olympus, Panasonic etc).

[The above title photo shows the] Hexanon 40mm lens shot with my other Hexanon 40mm lens.

You won't get autofocus and you always have to shoot in aperture priority mode (or manual).
But no adapter is necessary and the lenses are cheap.

[IBS editor's note: While there are AR to MFT and FF to MFT adapters, there's no AR to FT adapter because the 1.83 mm difference in flange focal distance (FFD) is too small and there's not enough room for any adapter.]

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