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Tribulations on What Art is? - anchored to Goethes works (Werke in vier Bänden)

Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Autor), Gerhard Stenzel (Herausgeber, Einleitung), IBS (Tribulations)

Dieses Buch bei Amazon.de kaufen oder versuchen Sie Amazon.com in den U.S.A., Amazon.co.uk in England, Amazon.ca in Canada, Amazon.fr in Frankreich, Amazon.it in Italien, Amazon.es in Spanien. ASIN=B00C2HSL0K, Category: Philosophy, Language: D, cover: HC, pages: 364+601+458+668, year: 1983.

Tribulations on What Art is?

> Visited a rather humorous exhibition "What's the point of it?" earlier this year. I've since sided with Martin Creed on his opinion.

never heard this name. found in Creed's wiki:

"I don't know what art is"

"I wouldn't call myself an artist"

I've read about art from authors like ortega y gasset, goethe, soloviev, steiner. here are some quotes [missing those from Heinrich Bluecher whom I discovered this author only recently; he lectures brillianty about the meaning of art and its function in evolution of mankind]:

What is true art? That's one of the topics in Solovyov's writings about "The Philosophy of Love" of which "The Meaning of Love." is one part. According to Soloyov

p.s.: while I searched the quotes I found this - unrelated:


*) sadly life is so short; we can only read the best books - literatic books.


***) Quote Niels Bohr from Faust in Copenhagen: A Struggle for the Soul of Physics by Gino Segre (highly recommended reading!)