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Architecture: An Introductory Reader

Rudolf Steiner, Andrew Beard (Compilateur)

Find this book at Amazon.com | buch7.de | eurobuch.com | buchhandel.de | books.google.com ASIN=1855841231, Category: Philosophy, Language: E, cover: PB, pages: 274, year: 2004.

Book Description:
Andrew Beard compiled talks and writings from Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) on architecture.

Steiner, the often undervalued, multifaceted genius of modern times writes about the origins and nature of architecture; the formative influence of architectural forms; the history of architecture in the light of mankind's spiritual evolution; a new architecture as a means of uniting with spiritual forces; art and architecture as manifestations of spiritual realities; metamorphosis in architecture; aspects of a new architecture; the first and second Goetheanums; the architecture of a community in Dornach; the temple is the human being; the restoration of the lost temple.