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Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

Carroll Quigley

Find this book at Amazon.com | buch7.de | eurobuch.com | buchhandel.de | books.google.com ASIN=094500110X, Category: History, Language: E, cover: HC, pages: 1348, year: 1975(1965).

"There really is a "world system of financial control in private hands" that is "able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world." I call this system the World Trade Federation. It is an ultra-secret group of the most powerful men on the earth. They now control every major international institution, every major multinational and transnational corporation both public and private, every major domestic and international banking institution, every central bank, every nation-state on earth, the natural resources on every continent and the people around the world...

"The chief architects of this new World Empire are planning another war — World War III — to eliminate any vestiges of political, economic or religious freedom from the face of the earth. They will then completely control the earth, and its natural resources. The people will be completely enslaved just as the people were in the ancient Roman Empire. While the above may sound like fiction, I can assure you that it is true. I wish it was fiction, but it is not, it is reality.

"... [they] created periods of inflation and deflation in order to confiscate and consolidate the wealth of the world. They were responsible for the enslavement of over two billion people in all communist nations — Russia, China, Eastern Europe, etc., inasmuch as they were directly responsible for the creation of communism in these nations. They built up and sustain these evil totalitarian systems for private gain. They brought Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Roosevelt to power and guided their governments from behind the scenes to achieve a state of plunder unparalleled in world history.

"... In fact, if the scholar, student, businessman, businesswoman, government official and general reader has not thoroughly studied Tragedy and Hope there is no way they can understand the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

"... Carroll Quigley was a professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University. He taught at Princeton and at Harvard. He had done extensive research in the archives of France, Italy, and England. He was a member of the editorial board of Current History."

-- all above quotes from the intro (by Michael L. Chadwick) of archive.org/stream/TragedyAndHope_501/CarrollQuigley-TragedyAndHope_djvu.txt (~ 3MB plain text; also available in other formats.)

"[Carroll Quigley] concluded Tragedy and Hope with the hope that the West could "resume its development along its old patterns of Inclusive Diversity."[3] From his study of history, "it is clear that the West believes in diversity rather than in uniformity, in pluralism rather than in monism or dualism, in inclusion rather than exclusion, in liberty rather than in authority, in truth rather than in power, in conversion rather than in annihilation, in the individual rather than in the organization, in reconciliation rather than in triumph, in heterogeneity rather than in homogeneity, in relativisms rather than in absolutes, and in approximations rather than in final answer [3]

"Quigley asserts that any intolerance or rigidity in the religious practices of the West are aberrations from its nature of inclusivity and diversity. Quigley points to the tolerance and flexibility in Aquinas's belief that theological truth is revealed over time through dialogue within the Christian community, which allows the community to adapt to a changing world.[4][5]

"...Quigley was dismissive of the authors who used his writings to support theories of a world domination conspiracy." ...

[3] ... [ archive.org/stream/TragedyAndHope_501/CarrollQuigley-TragedyAndHope_djvu.txt ]

[4] Thomas Aquinas (26 October 2006). Summa Theologiae: Volume 1, Christian Theology: 1a. 1. Cambridge University Press. pp. 102-. ISBN 978-0-521-02909-4.

[5] Harry J Hogan, p18 of the foreword to Carroll Quigley (1979). The evolution of civilizations: an introduction to historical analysis. Liberty Press. ISBN 978-0-913966-56-3. Retrieved 26 May 2013.

-- Carroll Quigley. (2015, January 2). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 09:59, February 1, 2015, from en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Carroll_Quigley&oldid=640703693

Recently I read that censors allow any book with more than 800 pages, because nobody reads these anyway. ;)

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