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Metaphysics as Christology : An Odyssey of the Self from Kant and Hegel to Steiner

Jonael Schickler (Author), George Pattison (Foreword), F. N. Watts (Editor)

Find this book at buch7.de | eurobuch.com | buchhandel.de | books.google.com ASIN=0754654001, Category: Philosophy, Language: E, cover: HC, pages: 170, year: 2005.

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Product Description
In "Metaphysics as Christology", Jonael Schickler presents a major contribution to both philosophy and theology. First he examines the key philosophical problems with which Kant and Hegel grappled, and finds in the work of Rudolf Steiner the essence of a solution to them. He claims that Steiner returned to Hegel's philosophical problems but was better able to solve them. Schickler uses these philosophical debates about knowledge and truth to understand the significance of Christ. Building on the work of Hegel, Schickler argues that Christ has made possible the developments in human consciousness that restore humanity's relationship to the surrounding world. This is a bold and rigorous work that opens up new directions in both philosophy and theology. Fraser Watts contributes the Foreword and George Pattison an extensive Preface.

See book review by Martin Wendte, Universität Tübingen (2007).

Michael Muschalle wrote a comprehensive critique of Schicklers book (in German).

Some notes by interesting-books-selector.com:

1. In footnote no. 23(?) Schicklers book references "Goethe and the Philosopher's Stone - Symbolical Patterns in 'The Parable' and the Second Part of 'Faust'" by Alice Raphael. ('The Parable' denotes Goethe's Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.)

2. German translation by Peter von Ruckteschell.