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The Revolt of the Masses (Spanish original title: Le Rebelión de las Masas)

José Ortega y Gasset

Find this book at buch7.de | eurobuch.com | buchhandel.de | books.google.com ASIN=0393310957, Category: Philosophy, Language: E, cover: PB, pages: 1993(1930)

1930, reissued 1993.
Quote from chapter 1 of The Revolt of the Masses:
"One important fact is the accession of the masses to complete social power. As the masses, by definition, neither should nor can direct their own personal existence, and still less rule society in general, this fact means that actually Europe is suffering from the greatest crisis that afflict peoples, nations, and civilisation."

online: www.globalchristians.org/politics/DOCS/Ortega%20y%20Gasset%20-%20The%20Revolt%20Of%20The%20Masses.pdf (sadly layout is monospaced)

On the last two pages (p92f) he writes about "youth" and "young:"

See extensive biography and study of JOyG's work: "José Ortega y Gasset" by Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy