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Compiler Construction

Niklaus Wirth

Buy this book at Amazon.com or try Amazon.co.uk in England, Amazon.ca in Canada, Amazon.de in Germany, Amazon.fr in France, Amazon.it in Italy, Amazon.es in Spain. ASIN=0201403536, Category: Software Design, Language: E, cover: PB, pages: 176, year: 1996.

This text presents a concise, practical guide to modern techniques for compiler design and construction, providing only as much theory as is required to understand the techniques involved. The book takes the readers step-by-step through each stage of compiler design and construction, using the simple but powerful method of recursive descent to create a compiler for Oberon-0, a subset of the author's Oberon language.

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The creator of the programming languages Pascal, Modula-2 und Oberon presents in only 200 pages all essential aspects of compiler construction together with the listing of a complete compiler program for a subset of Oberon. Wirth also defines an architecture and the instruction set for a hypothetical, but realistic 3-operand RISC-machine and presents an interpreter to execute the RISC-instructions, as well as a disassembler. Many excercises and a floppy disk with the source code of the compiler and tools are included.

Here is a recension by G. Dotzel with an example (Oberon-0 example and generated code): www.modulAware.com/mdlt64.htm

P.S.: This book might be out of print, but the German edition "Grundlagen und Techniken des Compilerbaus" of this book was still available when I last checked in Mar-2004.