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What is ASIN?

If you found an interesting book for example at Amazon, which is not yet in our catalog simply enter its 10 digit ISBN[-10] or ASIN number¹ in the ISBN/ASIN-box at the end of this page and click Submit. Given the ISBN you submitted, our webserver produces a generic page for you, which contains a link to an online bookstore for the book your requested. (In certain cases, i.e., only when you see an Amazon.com link, we might earn a sales commission in case you buy the book through the link provided.)

Happy reading!

P.S.: You'll not find any book written by Günter Grass here. I wish him a long life, so that he gets a chance to catch-up with the experiences and qualities of Jean-Francois Revel! A few decades ago, JFR although believed that socialism were different from communism. (it might not hurt to re-read the above sentence "gebetsmühlenartig") - and we'll not even talk yet about that contradictory ideology called "democracy".

"If you try to live with contradictions, you deny your own existence." -- quote Ayn Rand

Note, that the ISBNs we use are mostly american ISBNs; the UK ISBNs are different from USA's.

¹) You'll need the ISBN/ASIN functionality for any book you can't find the book in our catalogue or if you want a different edition.

For one and the same book, e.g.: such popular books like Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, there are so many different editions, anniversary editions, paperback, different sizes, hard cover, and leather bound; some editions become unavailable and new editions are added. We simply can't put all in our catalogue without getting too much redundancy.