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What is ASIN?

If you found an interesting book for example at Amazon, which is not yet in our catalog simply enter its 10 digit ISBN[-10] or ASIN number¹ in the ISBN/ASIN-box at the end of this page and click Submit. Given the ISBN you submitted, our webserver produces a generic page for you, which contains a link to an online bookstore for the book your requested. (We do not earn any sales commission from the bookstore in case you buy the book through any link we provide.)

Happy reading!

P.S.: You'll not find any book written by Günter Grass here. I wish him a long life, so that he gets a chance to catch-up with the experiences and qualities of Jean-Francois Revel! A few decades ago, JFR although believed that socialism were different from communism. (it might not hurt to re-read the above sentence "gebetsmühlenartig") - and we'll not even talk yet about that contradictory ideology called "democracy".

"If you try to live with contradictions, you deny your own existence." -- quote Ayn Rand

Note, that the ISBNs we use are mostly american ISBNs; the UK ISBNs are different from USA's.

¹) You'll need the ISBN/ASIN functionality for any book you can't find the book in our catalogue or if you want a different edition.

For one and the same book, e.g.: such popular books like Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, there are so many different editions, anniversary editions, paperback, different sizes, hard cover, and leather bound; some editions become unavailable and new editions are added. We simply can't put all in our catalogue without getting too much redundancy.