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Warren Buffett - Oracle of Omaha (2000)

Lisa D. Gildehaus (direction), Peter Lynch (interview), Roger Lowenstein (interview), Warren E. Buffett (interview), ..

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Every May, thousands of clamoring followers make a yearly pilgrimage to Omaha, Nebraska. They come from all 50 states and 12 countries eager to ogle, touch or, perhaps, even speak with a 70 year old financial legend, billionaire Warren Buffett.

In an era where technology stocks have catapulted people to the status of overnight millionaires and sent them crashing back down again, Buffett has eschewed the fast-paced IT stock action. Many shareholders deserted the sinking ship of Buffett's company, convinced that his investment genius had reached its heyday. Warren Buffett, who has beaten the S&P 500 almost every year for three decades, was suddenly seen as an investment dinosaur. But as the IT bubble burst, he has once again re-emerged as a pre-eminent financial genius who stuck by his long-term investment philosophy.

His company's annual meeting in Omaha is a tribute to his philosophy... sort of. His hordes of fans long to know the secret to his success but find it difficult to attain his level of patience with an investment decision. While Buffett deliberately sidesteps the trappings that are often associated with wealth, it's difficult to tell if his fans are more interested in him or the status that he symbolizes. No one has made heroes of financial tycoons quite like the people who zealously follow the Oracle of Omaha.

"Oracle of Omaha" is a 60-minute documentary shot on High Definition. The film features interviews with Peter Lynch, biographer Roger Lowenstein, The Motley Fools, Warren Buffett's children and Buffett himself. The film was directed by Lisa D. Gildehaus and is a Riveting Pictures production.