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Argentinian Intimacies / Intimidades - La Pampa... The Promised Land / PROMESAS (with further references to his works in english, deutsch, espagnol, francais)

José Ortega y Gasset

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[Note, I don't know if this article "INTIMIDADES — LA PAMPA... PROMESAS" is actually contained in "The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture, and Literature" (1968) which the above amazon links point to! It's possible that it was never translated into English.]

"The speed of modern transport makes us forget that the main goal of traveling is not the moving along and grazing of countries, but to dwell upon in each one. Since anything done with utmost consequence annihilates itself, tourism stole the core of traveling and left the skin bare of a juicy adventure. What remains is its abstract and material parts: Leaving things behind."

-- [Argentinian Intimacies] Intimidades (la pampa; the promised land). [apart from having shortened it a bit, I hope my english translation correctly reflect the meaning of the spanish orginal.]

Ortega's writings belong to the art of literature, i.e., 'writings whose value lies in the beauty of form or emotional effect.' (quote http://www.bopsecrets.org/rexroth/essays/literature.htm)

There are but a few such gifted authors. to be able to read their work, alone — is worth living for. A few books/articles in English are available online:

  1. "The Modern Theme," 153 pages. available free in several formats: archive.org/details/modernthemeorte plain text only: https://archive.org/stream/modernthemeorte/modernthemeorte_djvu.txt (The ocr-scans has very good quality.)

    Look page 64ff and see how brilliant and concize he writes e.g. about Buddhism* and compares it to Christianism.

  2. "The Revolt of the Masses" (Spanish original title: Le Rebelión de las Masas) is his most famous is book.

  3. "The Mission of the Librarian" http://yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~tonta/courses/spring2011/bby704/ortega-y-gasset-mission-of-the-librarian.pdf

    "I would like to warn you initially that what you are about to read does not exactly coincide with the title given to my speech, a title which I encountered upon reading the program of this congress. I make this a matter of note, because this title [] is enormous and frightening ..."

  4. "WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY?" http://www.studyplace.org/w/images/3/3e/Ortega-1964-What-Is-Philosophy-Ch-9-11.pdf

  5. "Man, as Project" http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/articles/ortega-a.pdf

  6. "The Dehumanization of Art" (1948), 23 pages http://isites.harvard.edu/fs/docs/icb.topic1345992.files/Ortega%20y%20Gasset.pdf
*) Though Heinrich Bluecher explained thta the common believe, that Buddha was a nihilist from philosophical standpoint, is wrong.

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Der Artikel ist in der Deutschen Gesamtausgabe enthalten.

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"Viajar no es ir a la Argentina como emigrante, ni para concluir un negocio, ni a dar unas conferencias. Todo esto es ir a hacer y a pasar, no es ir a ver y a estar. A mi juicio, esto último es la esencia del viaje. Justamente las dos cosas—ver y estar—que no es fácil o que es imposible practicar en nuestra patria, a la cual nos hallamos demasiado adheridos para lograr la distancia que requiere la visión y donde los asuntos privados y públicos, el tráfago activo en que desde siempre nos hallamos insertos, nos impiden vivir estáticamente, en actitud receptiva y quieta. La celeridad de los medios de tránsito hace olvidar que lo proprio del viaje no es la movilización y el correr tierras sino demora que en cada una se hace. Como pasa siempre al llevar una cosa hasta su forma extrema, se la anula. Cook ha acabado con el verdadero viaje, y el /turismo/ lo ha vaciado, quedándose sólo con el pellejo, conservando de tan jugosa aventura externa e íntima como es el viajar su porción abstracta y material: el paso ante las cosas."

-- INTIMIDADES — LA PAMPA... PROMESAS, p12 (1929) [corrected OCR version]

OCR source: http://biblioteca.cefyl.net/node/13474 (section: Filosofía | Pensamiento Argentino y Latinoamericano)

few more links to his works in Spanish:

  1. "Ortega y Gasset y la Argentina" www.pachami.com/Ensayos/OrtegayGassetylaArgentina.htm (the website is offline, found a copy of this page in the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20150501000847/http://www.pachami.com/Ensayos/OrtegayGassetylaArgentina.htm)

  2. "La razón narrativa, según Ortega" por Mario A. Presas (Universidad Nacional de La Plata; Orbis Tertius, 1996, I(2-3)) http://sedici.unlp.edu.ar/bitstream/handle/10915/10432/Documento_completo.pdf?sequence=1 This article refers to the above "Ortega y Gasset y la Argentina."

  3. "HUMANISMO Y VALORES - JOSÉ ORTEGA Y GASSET," por Juan Escámez Sánchez http://humanismoyvalores.blogspot.fr/2011/09/jose-ortega-y-gasset.html

  4. JOSÉ ORTEGA Y GASSET / EN LOS ESPEJOS DE LA PAMPA / Luis Gabriel-Stheeman / The College of New Jersey http://digitalcommons.providence.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2153&context=inti


  1. Personas, obras, cosas (1922) https://archive.org/details/personasobrascos00orte, 350 pages

  2. Meditaciones del Quijote (1914) https://archive.org/details/meditacionesdelq00orte, 230 pages

  3. El tema de nuestro tiempo; El ocaso de las revoluciones; El sentido histórico de la teoría de Einstein (1923) https://archive.org/details/eltemadenuestrot00orte, 270 pages

  4. España invertebrada; bosquejo de algunos pensamientos historicos (1921) https://archive.org/details/espaainvertebr00orte, 192 pages
Goto english, deutsch, espagnol, francais

  • Biographie http://agora.qc.ca/dossiers/jose_ortega_y_gasset
  • Bibliographie http://vouloir.hautetfort.com/archive/2009/12/19/y-gasset.html
  • Philosophie et histoire de la philosophie chez Ortega y Gasset par Mario Casañas, Revue Philosophique de Louvain http://www.persee.fr/docAsPDF/phlou_0035-3841_1980_num_78_37_6325.pdf
      "est-il possible de réduire la question de l'être à un simple système conceptuel qui serait son expression théorique? Ortega répondra que non. [...] «il ne s'agit donc de rien moins que d'invalider le sens traditionnel du concept /d'être/, et comme ce concept est la racine même de la philosophie, une réforme de l'idée d'être signifie une réforme radicale de la philosophie.... On vous invite à perdre le respect envers le concept le plus vénérable, le concept d'être. J'annonce échec et mat à l'être de Platon, d'Aristote, de Leibniz, de Kant, et, c'est clair, aussi à celui de Descartes!»"
      -- citation p8

      "Dans une conférence faite aux Rencontres Internationales de Genève en 1951, il a affirmé : «Le théorème de Gödel signifie qu'à strictement parler, il n'y a pas de logique, que ce l'on appelait ainsi n'était qu'une utopie, qu'on croyait à une logique parce que celle-ci n'était depuis Aristote qu'un /desideratum/, un simple programme. Dans les cinquante dernières années — depuis Russell, Whitehead, d'un côté, et Hilber de l'autre — on a cherché à /réaliser/ la logique et on a vu que c'était impossible, parce qu'à proprement parler, la logique n'existe pas. Fort bien, la logique signifiait 'à proprement parler'...»
      -- citation p14

  • Ortega y Gasset philosophe de l'Histoire par Charles Cascalès http://www.philagora.net/philo-fac/ortega-y-gasset/index.php

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