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What Goes Up : The Uncensored History of Modern Wall Street as Told by the Bankers, Brokers, CEOs, and Scoundrels Who Made It Happen

Eric J. Weiner

Buy this book at Amazon.com or try Amazon.co.uk in England, Amazon.ca in Canada, Amazon.de in Germany, Amazon.fr in France, Amazon.it in Italy, Amazon.es in Spain. ASIN=0316929662, Category: Investment, Language: E, cover: HC, pages: 512, year: 2005.

Book Description
Fifty years ago, Wall Street was a hodgepodge of companies-hundreds of them - operating in an environment where high-tech meant an electric typewriter and the Wasps and Jews never mixed. Today, Wall Street is controlled by a few massive firms and, it often seems, few ethical constraints. The tale of Wall Street's rise and transformation is one of the most exciting and important of our time. But amazingly, never before have the players who saw everything-large and small, from tycoons in limousines to the barber in the basement of the stock exchange-directly told their stories. Here, at long last, are the Masters of the Universe and the con men; the backroom geniuses and the power-tie billionaires-all in first person, uncensored, brash, bold, and often not so fond of one another. The result is the most vibrant business history published in years, perfect for anyone who wishes they had been a fly on the boardroom wall.

Weiner interviewed everyone who's anyone for this oral history, including David Rockefeller, Arthur Levitt, Charles Schwab, Don Regan, Peter Lynch, Pete Peterson, Henry Kravis, George Roberts, Jerome Kohlberg, Steve Schwarzman, Dick Jenrette, Dan Lufkin, John Kenneth Galbraith, Stan O'Neal, Harvey Pitt, T. Boone Pickens, John Whitehead, John Weinberg, Robert Baldwin, Dave Komansky, Jerry Tsai, John Gutfreund - to name a few.