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Value Investing Today

Charles H. Brandes

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This step-by-step guide shows you how to assemble a high-value portfolio that will be perfectly positioned for maximum growth. This updated edition includes new chapters on corporate governance, and the psychology of investing, both individual and crowd.

From the Back Cover
The Failsafe System for Uncovering Undervalued Stocks and Building Long-Term Prosperity Praise for the First Edition of Value Investing Today "A good, modern-day synopsis of a time-tested philosophy. Readers who follow these principles are bound to achieve results." Henry Emerson, Editor Outstanding Investor Digest "An invaliable primer to point the individual investor in the direction of the most consisten and reliable investment techniques: value investing." Alan R. Kahn, President, Kahn Brothers & Co., Inc.

Value investing is the well-respected, discipline investment approach that enables you to search out solid companies not yet discovered by most investors. Charles H. Brandes' Value Investing Today, Second Edition (a bestseller in its First Edition) now updates this long-term wealth building strategy with data, statistics, and examples drawn from today's financial press. This step-by-step guidebook shows you how to assemble a high-value portfolio positioned for maximum growth and how to time each sale for maximum profit. Value Investing Today helps you sift through today's mountain of investment information to find those undiscovered companies with superior long-term potential. You can then build a portfolio of "sleeping giants" companies that, because of a lack of market attention or a highly publicised failure, have intrinsic values not yet reflected in their stock princes. You know they're out there Value Investing Today shows you how to find them!

This revised classic is the one book you need to make money as you: Discover proven strategies to break from the crowd and, ". . .buy straw hats in winter"; Learn which readily-available reference materials hide excellent companies that are being overlooked by today's "quick-money" crowd; Minimize your risks, as well as your anxiety, by setting a patient investment course to bring you long-term wealth; Use tested guidelines, as revealed in a section greatly expanded for this Second Edition, for beating the crowd to emerging markets overseas.

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