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Of Permanent Value : The Story of Warren Buffett

Andrew Kilpatrick

Buy this book at Amazon.com or try Amazon.co.uk in England, Amazon.ca in Canada, Amazon.de in Germany, Amazon.fr in France, Amazon.it in Italy, Amazon.es in Spain. ASIN=0071357734, Category: Investment, Language: E, cover: HC, pages: 890, year: 2000.

[see new 2006 edition, published Aug-2005]

Book Description
The definitive biography that transports readers into the world and mind - of the legendary Warren Buffett. The financial world's ongoing fascination with Warren Buffett is insatiable. Of Permanent Value hits bookshelves as the most comprehensive, informative biography yet on the investor who, through knowledge, savvy, and hard work, became the world's second-richest man. Avid investors will even find a chapter detailing Buffett's unprecendented investment record, quarter by quarter. Filled with fascinating strategies, compelling stories, and rare photos, Of Permanent Value delivers a hard-hitting but highly readable story of how Buffett built his empire - and what he plans to do next. It gives investors and Wall Street enthusiasts at every level: Behind-the-scenes stories of Buffett's remarkable rise; Personal details of Buffett's best investment moves; A candid examination of history's most successful investor.

From the Back Cover
A fascinating journey inside the world--and mind--of Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett is history's greatest investor--and America's third-richest man. But how did Buffett reach that pinnacle? What did he see that others missed? And perhaps most important...What does he see today? Of Permanent Value takes us where no other book has, making us privy to Warren Buffett's successes, his secrets to investing, and his plans for the future. From earning pennies selling Coca-Cola in his youth to buying a major stake in the soft drink giant as an adult, Warren Buffett has always followed his own path. Of Permanent Value offers a uniquely candid overview of that path, including: how Buffett turned a 1956 investment of $10,000 into $250 million today -- after taxes!; step-by-step replays of Buffett's best investment moves--and some he'd just as soon forget; extensive interviews with Buffett's family, friends, and business associates that reveal his thoughts and investments philosophies. Filled with fascinating facts, rare photographs, and compelling stories from some of the world's leading public figures--all told in nugget-sized chapters that are fascinating to read and impossible to put down--Of Permanent Value is the story of Warren Buffett himself. It is an intrinsically American tale, one to which we can all relate...and from which we can all profit. So pull up a set and have a few words with the "Oracle of Omaha"--one of the great financial minds of all time.