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Featured books

  • Self improvement: A Philosophy of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner - 111 years after first publication still valid and valuable, in fact indispensably more important today (see also the positive reader reviews!) & free download in english, in german (Die Philosophie der Freiheit), in italian (PDF) (La Filosofia della Libertà), in spanish (La Filosofia de La Libertad), russian, bulgarian, en français (La Philosophie de la Liberté), and chinese (《自由的哲学》中文版).
  • The Free Market and Its Enemies by Ludwig von Mises, transcription of his 1951 lectures, first published in 2004!
  • Current controversies: "Economic Policy"* by Ludwig von Mises (free download)
    Education economique francaise: "Politique économique"**** de Ludwig von Mises (free download)
  • Popular science: Genome (The Autobiography of a Species) by Matt Ridley
  • Legends: Discover the real meaning of Goethe's Tale of the Tale: The Time Is at Hand! (The Rosicrucian Nature of Goethe's Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily and the Mystery Dramas of Rudolf Steiner) by Paul and Joan deRis Allen
  • The Sovereign Individual by J. D. Davidson, Lord W. Rees-Mogg Quotes: "The collapse of morality and growing corruption among leaders of Western governments are not random developments. They are evidence that the potential of the nation-state is exhausted. ... Before most nation states visibly collapse they will be dominated by latter day barbarians. ... The end of an era is usually a period of intense corruption."
  • Featured link - Provence Photo Page: Napoleon, the Last Goatsfarmer in the Alpes Ubayensis - currently looking for a successor, because he wants to retire in 2004.
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"Yellow is a light which has been dampened by the darkness; blue is a darkness which has been weakened by the light."
-- "Goethe's World View" by Rudolf Steiner

Famous Philosopher's Democracy Maxims

  • "Nothing is more disgusting than the majority: because it consists of a few powerful predecessors, of rogues who adapt themselves, of weak who assimilate themselves, and the masses who imitate without knowing at all what they want."
    -- quote Goethe (translated from german by IBS), Essays on European literature by Ernst Robert Curtius, p 72 (2. ext. ed., Francke, 1954)
  • "But that I may reveal to you my heart, my friends: if there were Gods, how could I stand it not to be a God! Therefore, there are no Gods."
    -- quote from "Thus spoke Zarathustra" by Friedrich Nietzsche, see also "Friedrich Nietzsche, A Fighter Against his Time" by Rudolf Steiner
  • "I have given to mankind the deepest book which it possesses, my Zarathustra; soon I shall give [to mankind] the most independent" [book, i.e., a philosophical book profoundly based on personality and more independent from any other judgement]."
    -- quote Götzendämmerung (Twilight of Idols) by Friedrich Nietzsche
  • "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
    -- Winston Churchill
  • "Democracy, too, is a religion. It is the worship of jackals by jackasses."
    -- H.L. Mencken
  • "[direct] democracy is, properly speaking, necessarily a despotism, because it establishes an executive power in which 'all' decide for or even against one who does not agree; that is, 'all,' who are not quite all, decide, and this is a contradiction of the general will with itself and with freedom."
    -- Immanuel Kant. Perpetual Peace. Trans. Lewis White Beck (352)
  • "The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money."
    -- Alexis de Tocqueville more quotes...

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*) "The ideal economic policy, both for today and tomorrow, is very simple. Government should protect and defend against domestic and foreign aggression the lives and property of the persons under its jurisdiction, settle disputes that arise, and leave the people otherwise free to pursue their various goals and ends in life. This is a radical idea in our interventionist age. Governments today are often asked to regulate and control production**, to raise the prices of some goods and services and to lower the prices of others, to fix wages, to help some businesses get started and to keep others from failing, to encourage or hamper imports and exports, to care for the sick and the elderly, to support the profligate, and so on and on and on. Ideally government should be a sort of caretaker, not of the people themselves, but of the conditions which will allow individuals, producers, traders, workers, entrepreneurs, savers, and consumers to pursue their own goals in peace. If government does that, and no more, the people will be able to provide for themselves much better than the government possibly could. This in essence is the message of Professor Ludwig von Mises in this small volume."
-- quote from the introduction of "ECONOMIC POLICY - Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow" by Ludwig von Mises, 1995 (Lecture in Argentina, 1958)

**) "[the Marxians failed to see, that] ... those who are already wealthy capitalists and entrepreneurs, are in their capacity as bourgeois not selfishly interested in the preservation of laissez faire. Under laissez faire their eminent position is daily threatened anew by the ambitions of impecunious newcomers. Laws that put obstacles in the way of talented upstarts are detrimental to the interests of the consumers but they protect those who have already established their position in business against the competition of intruders. In making it more difficult for a businessman to reap profit and in taxing away the greater part of the profits made, they prevent the accumulation of capital by newcomers and thus remove the inducement that impels old firms toward the utmost exertion in serving the customers."
-- quote from p145, "THEORY AND HISTORY - An Interpretation of Social and Economic Evolution" by Ludwig von Mises, 1957

To me this doesn't sound like the expropriation of the expropriators.***

***) see "SOCIALISM: An Economic and Sociological Analysis" by Ludwig von Mises, 1922.

****) L. v. Mises est peu connu, mais il est un des plus grand economist scientifique, non-polemique. Parce qu'il n'a jamais fait un compromis dans sa vie, il n'a pas eu le prix nobel pour l'economie. (son disciple F. Hayek - qui est a mon avis un socialist! - l'a eu, une fois L. v. Mises etait mort. Les ecrits de Mises n'ont pas perdu de l'actualite! Les six lešons qui ont eu lieu en Argentine en 1958, ne sont pas trop long et ils expliquent l'essentiell (Inflation, protectionisme, interventionisme, securité sociale, ...).

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